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Where There’s Water, There’s A Way

A small midstream company avoided high water costs and delays on a new construction project through strategic water management.


New pipeline construction projects can have many associated costs. This client’s project consisted of 70,000 feet of pipeline, tested in three separate segments: 16-inch trunkline, 16-inch lateral, and 12-inch lateral. PL Testing was hired to perform new construction integrity services, including water management.


PL Testing began with a pre-clean which involved running a proving pig through the pipeline to check for obstruction, followed by multiple brush pigs to remove scale and other debris. Then, a gauge pig was run, qualifying as the deformation inspection. The next stage was to qualify the line for service. PL Testing located a nearby frac pond as the water source. After water quality assurance, customer acceptance, and logistical management, PL Testing managed a pump and transfer system over a half mile, staging water at the end of the line. The first section was filled and tested. Once this section was qualified, the water was pushed into the next section for testing, then the final. With required permits, proper precleaning activities, and water sample testing, the water was disposed through a ground discharge.


The client was able to save a large sum of money through smart water sourcing, reuse of test water through each section, and no disposal costs. In addition, the project was executed on time with no delays.


  • Avoided water hauling trucking costs
  • Reduced over 75% of frac tank costs
  • Reused water to reduce needed water by 50%
  • No water disposal costs
  • Project completed on time

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