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Integrity Testing Services

With PL Testing’s integrity testing solutions, midstream oil and gas companies can ensure the safe and reliable operation of their pipelines for many years to come. PL Testing has the capability to test facilities, flow lines, and pipelines and has experience with HDPE, Spoolable Pipe, and FlexPipe. 

Nitrogen Testing

Leaks can have disastrous effects resulting in accidents, environmental risks, and financial losses. PL Testing offers nitrogen testing to help uncover leaks, mitigate risks, and ensure pipeline integrity.

Nitrogen Purge and pack

Nitrogen has a variety of uses in oil and gas. It can help with corrosion, oxidation, and degradation of pipelines. PL Testing offers both purging and packing services. 

Fabrication testing

PL Testing offers fabrication testing services to ensure the quality and integrity of pipelines and equipment with a team of experts conducting the testing.

Facility TEsting, Drying, & Dehydration

PL Testing is a full service suite equipped to test, dehydrate, and dry pipelines. 



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