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Streamlining Pipeline Maintenance through Turnkey Services and Partnerships

A large midstream client needed a requalification of a 6-inch diameter natural gas liquids transportation line in a coastal environment. The line had last been recertified 7 years prior and needed additional repair work. It was also vital to the client that the line had minimal downtime. The client hired PL Testing to complete the work.

Strategic Partnerships for Project Execution

To efficiently complete the project, PL Testing leveraged partnerships with over 5 sub-service contractors and technical project managers to adhere to the schedule and clients’ needs. The project would need to have the following completed:

  1. De-inventory of the line with liquid flaring and nitrogen purging to make the line inert
  2. Mechanical services, including installing traps on both ends
  3. Cleaning services
  4. Inspection services, including gauge plate runs
  5. XYZ surveying
  6. Hydrostatic testing
  7. Dehydrating the line
  8. Line re-inventory

Minimal downtime was a critical priority, PL Testing ran crews 24 hours throughout the duration of the project to ensure it was completed efficiently and on time. Additionally, since PL Testing coordinated the subcontractors, the most cost-effective services could be outsourced without sacrificing quality and competency.

Successful Project Completion

Through the strategic partnerships with the sub-contractors, the client received a complete recertification with necessary repairs, and the line was returned to service. The client also received the following benefits:

  • Surpassed expected schedule by 24 hours, allowing for minimal downtime
  • Satisfied project requirements through turnkey services

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